VT provides limited NFTs that will give to their owners access to its 3D rigged avatars

VT NFT owners will also experience a real value reflected into their NFTs.

They will be able to trade them on the marketplaces or hold them and take advantage from the huge benefits.
VT application is developing with Unreal Engine. 3D models and the first stages of game development have already begun. Live trailer and Beta testing will begin in 2022/Q2. People will be able to travel to our first stop, Hagia Sophia. Our aim is to be listed on the top game stores for the PC and VR markets.

People will be able to socialize, play, learn, shop and travel in the near future in the endless possibilities VT metaverse.

Users who will participate in the metaverse of VT will be rewarded with VT Tokens for their achievements in the game.
People from all over the world can play and chat together using VT’s digital metaverse.

NFT’s are crucial point of this world because of humans effort for being different.

VT will have special NFT avatars. These avatars are not only jpg’s also proof of ownership of usage right for its unique 3D rigged model as avatar.