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The tourism industry had hard times for survival during the coronavirus pandemic. According the UN tourist report; tourist arrivals globally in January 2021 were down 87% when compared to January 2020 because of travel restrictions, quarantines, and closures of transportations.

Virtual tourism concept is about the boom with the metaverse era.

  • The pandemic is the most important reason for people’s virtual tourism demand for now, it is game changer event for user experiences. People will show enthusiasm even after the pandemic is over.
  • VT will remove costs and time-consuming process of real-world experiences.
  • Virtual tourism has a strong influence on people’s on-site destination choices and will be valuable marketing tool to promote destinations. Our aim is to connect with local authorities around the world to expand business for the benefit of both the cities and the platforms
  • VT will be socialization app of people who like the same cultures
  • VT provides virtually accessibility for everyone especially for the elderly and disabled with limited mobility.
  • The concept of virtual tourism can help support sustainability by reducing unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and be part of the green energy trend in the future.
  • It will be common trend of fun & learn concept for young people’s education.